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news : 2022-11-12
CEO Nature’s Vault Phil Rickard bertujuan untuk mengembangkan solusi investasi inovatif dan berdampak memerangi perubahan iklim, terutama emisi gas rumah kaca dan kerusakan alam. Menurutnya, SAWA dapat membantu menghilangkan karbon dan menjaga keamanan pangan untuk di Indonesia. 
news : 2022-09-29
Polygon’s Green Blockchain Summit addresses ways blockchain can play a role in ecological regeneration, energy efficiency, climate action, better equity, and how we can tackle blockchain’s own environmental footprint.
news : 2022-09-25
Nature’s Vault, a Singapore based climate-tech start-up, announces that former president of the Seychelles, James Alix Michel, will be joining the company as a Senior Advisor.
news : 2022-09-22
What’s the most eco-friendly way to mine gold?  Not to mine it.  Nature’s Vault, a blockchain-based finance company headquartered in Singapore, is buying up mining claims in Canada for the express purpose of not digging for gold. Instead, the company is selling crypto ‘legacy tokens’ that serve as digital proof of the underlying value of the gold.
news : 2022-09-16
Nature’s Vault announces the official opening of their Presale round for the Legacy Token (NVLT) on 28 September 2022 at 0900 GMT+08. The launch date coincides with the formal opening of TOKEN 2049 in Singapore.
news : 2022-08-25
Nature’s Vault, a Singapore-based Greentech company, announced today a strategic collaboration with Polygon Network, a leading Web3 protocol provider.
news : 2022-08-22
In the last decade, the climate crisis has significantly worsened, bringing an accelerated focus on the need to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. At the 2021 Glasgow climate summit, 81 countries committed to reducing carbon emissions by 45% and reaching net-zero targets by 2050.
news : 2022-08-11
Listen to Jason, our COO, discuss the latest updates on Nature's Vault and give an overview of the company, the Legacy Token (NVLT), and the road ahead.
news : 2022-08-04
Gold mining is problematic since most of the world’s gold is never used. The extracted gold is stored at a secure location for preservation as an investment. What if, instead of storing your gold in some obscure vault, you could invest without ever having to extract it?
news : 2022-07-19
The digital realm has become an integral part of our daily lives. It has brought investments closer to the people, as they have become simpler and more accessible. Consequently, financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs have undergone rapid digital transformation.
news : 2022-07-14
Here at Nature’s Vault, our team has been working hard behind the scenes to prepare for the launch of Legacy Token, a project that is aimed to take action against climate change and help build a net-zero future. We’re targeting an ICO at the end of 2022 as we continue to pursue our larger mission of building a climate tech finance platform that gives users access to investments that protect our planet and guarantee its future habitability.

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