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Published On 2022-06-30

Protected earth by nature vault

Planet Earth is facing twin challenges: climate change and biodiversity loss. This is primarily due to the steady increase in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions since the beginning of large-scale industrialization in the mid-1800s. The Earth is becoming an increasingly inhabitable place to live, with its warming causing extreme weather changes that put ecosystems at grave risk. The burning of fossil fuels associated with the mining industry, in particular, continues to exacerbate the crisis by releasing excessive amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The longer we carry on without regard for the environment, the greater these twin challenges become.

The mining industry accounts for 4–7% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and gold mining alone exceeds 100 million tons in carbon dioxide equivalent annually. Mining one ounce of gold emits up to 800 kg GHG. Interestingly, not all of the gold that has been mined is in circulation — about 40% is merely used as a store of value and sits in bank vaults as backing for exchange-traded funds or government reserves. Extracting gold has always been unsustainable, and it is more crucial than ever to preserve the Earth, keep environments pristine, and protect diverse ecosystems. By providing some incentives, we believe people can create a wide-reaching change to gold mining and reduce the environmental damage it causes.

Tokenizing Natural Capital, Preserving Nature

At Nature’s Vault, we preserve gold deposits and monetize their value using a tokenization protocol. Nature’s Vault is pioneering a new way to address gold mining’s environmental impact with blockchain-powered natural capital tokenization. This solution is the first of many impact investments we hope to provide people access to. Our long-term vision is to facilitate more significant climate tech impact and natural capital investment, eventually redefining how people invest in our planet.

Our flagship product, Legacy Token, monetizes the preservation of gold deposits to provide token holders with a worthy financial investment and one that enables a direct and positive environmental impact. The preservation of at least 1/100th gram of underground gold — or as we call it, NaturesGold™ — backs each Legacy Token, for which we implement a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, the environment-friendly alternative to Proof-of-Work (PoW) systems.

Legacy Token’s issuance hinges on the gold deposits that we acquire. First, we identify previously quantified gold deposits in areas of undisturbed natural beauty. Once a thorough evaluation is complete, we purchase patented mining rights, which grant us the rights to mine the deposit in perpetuity. This allows us to protect gold from ever being extracted by other parties, protect the environment from being destroyed, and maintain an area’s biodiversity.

So far, we have acquired 150,000 ounces of in-ground gold at Pistol Lake in Canada, which lies beneath over 400 acres of pristine forests and lakes. Our goal is to preserve at least one million ounces of gold in-ground. We set aside 80% of our quantified gold for tokenization and allocate the remaining 20% as a contingency reserve. The Legacy Token will thus have robust backing.

Less Mining, Less CO2

Legacy Token represents a verifiable commitment never to extract the gold we, as a company, have access to mine. NaturesGold™ is quantified by independent 43–101 or JORC technical reports, which are the global industry standard for quantifying mineral deposits. As we will acquire additional mines using revenue from token sales, the amount of gold preserved through each Legacy Token will continue to increase, eventually reaching 6.1/100th gram per token.

As Nature’s Vault acquires additional mines, there will be less gold mining and more preservation of the Earth’s Natural Capital. NaturesGold™ is our verifiable pledge to reduce natural disturbance and environmental degradation. We are investing in the future of Mother Earth, and others can join the cause by investing in Legacy Tokens.

Preservation is not enough, though. It’s also essential to minimize carbon emissions for our environment to recover. One surefire way to achieve this is by reducing mining and extracting natural capital only when necessary. And even then, we must adopt sustainable practices.

For one, nature’s Vault will incentivize less mining by redistributing a share of revenues from carbon offsets among Legacy Token holders. This process will involve various airdrops and staking rewards.

Let’s Create a Better, Greener Tomorrow

Our current focus is preserving natural ecosystems by eliminating the harmful effects of gold mining. We leverage blockchain technology while creating utility and incentives through Legacy Tokens.

Yet, there’s still a long way to go when it comes to success. Working together to create a cleaner, greener, and better tomorrow is humanity’s joint mission now; it's the only recourse. Let us march towards a sustainable future, one step at a time.

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